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How do I join a sesh?
We’re happy to hear you’ve been invited to your first sesh 🎉. Welcome to the movement to make health and happiness a priority in our lives. If you’ve been invited to a sesh, accept the invite! When it’s time, go to the invite in the app and click  ‘join sesh’ you’ll see all of your seshes in the Schedule tab on the app.

Will my friends be able to see or hear me during my sesh?
Yes! It’s like you’re in a virtual room together - while still seeing the video of the class itself. There’s video and audio that you can turn on/off or mute/unmute at any time. So bring your best smile for your friends and get going!

Do I need to bring anything to my sesh?
Only yourself! No equipment is required but we recommend having a yoga mat for floor work for your comfort and a water bottle if you’re doing any cardio or high intensity workouts. Sometimes instructors will ask you to bring some props that you can easily find lying around the house (e.g. a towel).

What do I wear to my sesh?
Most of our classes require physical movement so wear what is most comfortable for you. Activewear is great, particularly for pilates and yoga classes.  

How do I set up my phone?
This is important because your friends will want to be able to see you in all your sweaty glory and you will want to be able to see them! It’s best to rest your phone against a wall, book or other platform (a shoe works too!) so you can see the screen clearly without needing to hold on to it.  

Is the sesh private?
Yes! Only the people who are invited to the sesh are in the virtual room together. Noone can join without a special invite from the host so you can make the in-jokes and mess up your moves with no judgement. All our virtual rooms are secure, private and no video or audio files are recorded at any time.

How do I host a Sesh?
We’re glad you asked 😉
Once you’re in the app, press the plus sign, add your friend(s), choose a date and time that you think will work with your posse, and choose a class . Click ‘Save & Send Invites’ and Voila, you’re done! And you’ll see an easy link to share the invite to your friends not yet on Alyte.  Kudos to you for being a wonderful human organising a healthy experience for your friends

How many people can join a sesh?
There is no limit to how many of your friends you can invite to a sesh! Go ahead and invite away!

How fit do I need to be?
Alyte is designed for everyone to enjoy physical movement while catching up with friends. We have classes at all levels. In our Open and Foundations classes, our instructors provide modifications for beginners through to experts. We encourage you to give it a go and work to your level of ability and how you feel on the day. To prepare, you can check out the intensity level and type of class in our Classes section.  If you’ve been invited, you’ll see the class name in the invite itself

How long does a sesh last?
We have a variety of lengths for our classes ranging from 10 minutes to just under an hour. If you were invited to a sesh, then you can find the length of the class in the invite. For those hosting a sesh for your friends, you can choose the length when deciding what class to do. Enjoy!

Can I use Alyte on my Android or iOS phone?
Right now, Alyte is only available on the iOS operating system. But so you don’t get FOMO, we are working really hard to bring an android version soon. Stay posted

Can I use Alyte on my iPad?
Yes, you can! While we’ve not yet optimised the experience for iPad yet, you can still use the app on your iPad if you want the benefit of the bigger screen.

Can I use Alyte on my laptop?
We currently do not have a desktop application but stay tuned and we will let you know when it's available!

Can I mirror my phone screen on my TV?
Not yet but this feature is coming very soon!

Can I do a sesh while I’m pregnant or injured?
Our classes are not designed with pregnancy or injuries in mind. Please consult with your doctor before attending any of our classes to make sure they are appropriate for you.

Do I need to invite other people to a sesh or can I do a sesh on my own?
While Alyte is designed to be a healthy, happy experience to share with your mates, there’s no reason why you can’t do a sesh on your own. Just find the class you’re keen on and click “Start Now”.  Go for it!

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