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We’re a group of humans who believe in the power of movement and connection. We want to transform the way individuals connect by helping people share healthy experiences together.

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Our story

Hey friends! I’m Mel, CEO of Alyte. I co-founded Alyte with two friends, Zeb and Ravi.

Over the years, the three of us have found ourselves trying to balance work, family, health, and a social life - we found too often, it was fitness and time with friends that got lost. That just didn’t feel right.

The moment for me came when I was leaving a corporate job and realising that between work, husband, and kids, I’d really let my health slide.  I hadn’t prioritised myself.  But I also hadn’t found a way to make exercise work day-to-day or into something I actually enjoyed.

I wanted something that was convenient, but also enjoyable.   Something that I’d want to stick to, not because I was forcing myself to. That was for real people, like myself, living real lives and wasn’t just a ‘to do’ on my list. That was about being happy and healthy, not getting a bikini body.

Zeb, Ravi and I realised that there is incredible power in human connection.  We turn up when we’ve committed to someone.  We enjoy activities more when we’re sharing them with someone.  And we feel amazing when it’s with people we trust and care about.

We founded Alyte to enable you to give the gift of time back to yourself and to make exercise something to enjoy, that can fit into real life, and that brings with it the energy of spending time with people you love.  To make sharing healthy experiences with friends something that you can do every day and something that you want to do every day.

Our Mission

Our mission is Human Health & Happiness. We know from research that movement and connection are both essential to human health. And we know from talking to so many people (and personal experience) that the reality of life can make it difficult to find the time for this.

We wanted to create something that makes it easy to do something healthy AND easy to connect with others. And we do this through delivering real, human connection, from beginning to end. Baking it into the core of what we do and who we are, so that you can hang out with your friends, exercise together, have fun and feel amazing afterwards.

We believe that exercise should be enjoyable not punishment - and for everyone, not just the uber-fit. That there needed to be something that was ‘fitness for the rest of us’.

We want Alyte to be a treat for the mind, body and soul, delivering health, connection, and happiness.

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