Alyte - the social fitness app.

Hang out while you work out; build friendships, while you build fitness. Exclusive pilates, yoga & stretch classes available online for you and your friends.

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Alyte - the new social fitness app.

We’re making it easy to connect & exercise with friends, virtually.  

On-demand classes, around the clock. Anytime, anywhere with your loved ones.

Inspiring teachers, invigorating classes.

Pilates, yoga, and stretch classes with great instructors in a range of lengths, levels and intensity. 

So you can exercise with friends and instructors that are on your wavelength. We welcome everyone regardless of skill or fitness level.

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Connect with friends and get fit.

Customised group sessions, just for your people. You’ll set your ‘sesh’ for your group so you can reconnect with those dear to you - whether they are overseas, or because you need to re-energise  with your workmates at midday— we’ve got you. 
You’ll simply connect via video on our platform, hang out before, during and after class. Laugh at your poses, cry at the pain & share your fitness experiences with your nearest.

Feel the Energy.

Alyte is all about the joy and energy from shared workouts. We bottle the feeling of going for a walk  with a friend into the ‘sesh’, without the need to leave home. 

Connect with the people you care about and energise yourself with exercise that is good for the mind, body and soul.

Health. Connection. Happiness. Alyte: the social fitness app.

How it works

Step #1: Schedule a sesh with your friends

  • Choose any time that works for you and your friends
  • Your friends get easy onboarding & invites sent directly from you
  • Choose from a range of great classes with times, levels and intensities to suit your group

Step #2: Do a Sesh

  • Private, virtual room for you and your friends
  • On-demand yoga and pilates classes for every level
  • Share a laugh with your friends as you move

Step #3: Hang out with your friends before and after

  • Connect with your friends in a private room
  • Feel like you have done something good for yourself and for your friends today!

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Meet our instructors

For instructors

Interested in joining the Alyte team as a movement expert?

An Alyte movement expert is an advocate for living a healthy, happy life through movement, connection and purpose. We’re focused on yoga and pilates for now, but adding more soon. Contact us to learn more.

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Who we are

Alyte is a community of like-minded people who believe in the power of movement and connection. We believe that exercise should be enjoyable for everyone at all stages of fitness.

We like moving our bodies, but struggle to get to the gym. We have a routine we love and hope we could share it with friends. Some of us wish we exercised more, but find it hard to fit it in. 

So, we created a platform that bottles the feeling of walking with a friend, which makes exercise easier and more fun to enjoy from the comfort of your home. 

Join Alyte’s community to learn about the app release dates and more.

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